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Instagram Takeover Tips

How to create an Instagram Takeover

14 June 2020

Thinking of hosting an Instagram Takeover but don’t know where to start, then read this guide first.

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Support Small Businesses on social media

How to support Small Businesses on Social

14 May 2020

Supporting your local small businesses is so important and it’s really easy and FREE on social. Just follow these quick tips.

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Alternative strategies for your email marketing

How to use your email marketing without selling

14 December 2019

Your e-newsletters don’t always have to be about selling. Make the most of your emails with these three email strategies.

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Getting started on social media

Where to begin with Social Media

22 June 2019

When you’re just starting out on social media, where do you begin? Let us guide you through some key points.

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New Brand Brochure

REAL: A hairy makeover

7 April 2019

Regular hair makeovers are something we encourage. The same goes re-branding.

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Photography for social media

Photography 101

14 February 2019

The expert tips to improve your social media images with these few simple tricks.

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re branding a real case study

REAL: Brand Elevation

17 January 2019

Peek at a real-life brand elevation for our hair extension clients, Remi Cachet

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Making a splash

REAL: Making a Splash

2 September 2018

Discover how to combine social media & PR for a small business to great effect.

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the power of positive marketing

Your guide to positive marketing

14 August 2018

Banish negativity from your marketing for more positive brand language.

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