REAL: Making the most of an award win

Learn from our case study to make the most of winning an award and the ongoing promotion of your success.

Graphic showing screen shots of Marie Claire Hair Award win and Hair Magazine Hair Award win

Once you receive an accolade, how to make the most of winning? Here we share two examples

We recently helped Remi Cachet with two award wins: a product category win with Hair Magazine and a campaign win with Marie Claire Hair Awards.  Having proposed the awards to the client, with the costs and suggested relevant categories; we collated the entry applications and submitted the products. Here we share how we have been able to use the wins to promote them further.

Hair Magazine Hair Awards – Best Hairpiece

Announced as Finalists originally, we shared this news on social with posts and stories and added the logo to each product page (one for each colour ponytail).  Reposted the news from the magazine to our feeds for the quickest response.  With the new finalist logo available the social assets and product pages were updated to share this.  

Screen shot of ponytail product page adding award winning logo from Hair Awards
Winner logos on every product.

Copy for the social posts, encouraged stylists to share the good news with their extension-loving clients to help spread the word.

We also recommended additional Facebook and Website banners to be created. As well as a weekend promotion pushed through social media and email. The consumer sister brand followed suit later with an offer to allow the main brand exclusive bragging rights at the outset.  

Social media post with girl holding her ponytail and winning logo added to image.   copy on posts shows promotional offer.
Social posts with promotion.

Working with Hair Magazine, to provide additional content so they could share more detail about our product on their Instagram, with a step-by-step of how to add the award-winning clip-in ponytail. This was timed to land with the promotion for the consumer side.

Screenshot of Hair Magazine's instagram reel showing how to apply clip in ponytail
Hair Magazine shared a product Reel.

Consider adding a sticker to your product packaging too, as this will remind customers of the win.

Marie Claire Hair Awards – Best Ethical Initiative

We had the heads up on the win under a strict embargo which gave us time to prepare.   With the logos at a hefty additional cost, we came up with ideas to work around this and make the most of the win without the logo package. 

We shared the assets from the virtual award ceremony and website announcement for the win the same evening.   The timing was auspicious as #InternationalMotherEarthDay was a few days later so additional posts from Friday to Sunday pushed the Hair Recycling Scheme with some amazing feedback on the posts. 

Social Media post announcing the Marie Claire Hair Award win
Post announcing the win from the Virtual Award visuals.
Example social media post promoting the recycling scheme and promoting the win again.
Recycling post, re-mentioning the win.

The win was issued to the trade press to increase awareness of the scheme.  In addition, we recommended adding copy to the website for SEO on the product pages and recycling pages, as well as Google tracking the inbound link from the article on the Marie Claire website announcing the win.

For both wins, it is important to keep name-drop the award regularly, especially when mentioning the product or scheme to keep the momentum going. Neither of these awards had in-person award ceremonies, so it is a great photo opportunity when the trophy arrives. As well as taking the trophy to display at exhibitions.

Looking to enter some awards, and not sure where to start? Check out our blog on why you need to enter awards to think about which awards to go for, a few considerations to note and the benefits you hope to achieve here.   Get in touch to chat if we can help with your award applications and shout about your wins.

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