Let us explain the benefits of adding Public Relations to your marketing activities on a regular basis to build your audience and credibility.

4 reasons to add pr to your marketing

It is hugely beneficial to count PR as one of your core marketing activities and we look at four reasons below.   But first, let us look more broadly at what PR is.   Public Relations (PR as it’s shortened too) is extensive. It’s not just about gaining press coverage.  PR is your overall communication.  How you say what you say.  This overlaps with other marketing areas such as influencers, events, awards and PR boxes too.

Quote from Bill Gates If i was down to my last dollar of marketing budget, I'd spend it on PR!

It was Bill Gates who famously said that “If I was down to my last dollar of my marketing budget, I’d spend it on PR!”   Would you?  

PR is an area of marketing many avoid, sticking to more traditional methods and a heavy emphasis on social media.  Are put off by the costs of a Public Relations agency?   With the quest for a viral reel to get you noticed, we ask if we need press coverage anymore? 

Well yes.   Talking about yourself, your brand and your product can become very salesy and a turn-off for potential clients. But when someone else talks about you, well, that gives you a little bit more credibility.   An audience that would never have come across you are now reading your name, your brand’s name, discovering your product and what you have to say.  That is more powerful and impactful for your business. 

Here are the 4 main benefits of adding PR to your marketing activities:


An article from a respected publication gives you kudos.   Being featured regularly and seen as an expert adds more value and credibility.  

In terms of digital coverage, a feature on the likes on the BBC, and the backlinks this provides, is the holy grail for SEO value to improve your Google search rankings. 


Being featured by a publication gives you access to its audience and a chance for a new audience to discover you and your brand.   This visibility can lead them to look into your business further, encouraging them to find out more, check you out and even buy. 

Various third parties from prospective employees to future investors, may also come across your features.   Allowing you to be seen more widely and recognised to be more appealing to anyone.


You never know where something will lead.   A published feature is like good networking encouraging the reader to get in touch with an opportunity to collaborate.


As above, a reader may be prompted to get in touch to book in or purchase off the back of the article.  

Measuring PR can also be tricky. It’s not easy to put a value, or ROI figure, on the content.  This is especially true when it is a brand or personal profile piece.   This is partly because the article can have longevity, such as an online piece, and so it is important to track your leads and have your Google Analytics set up well with alerts for big pieces ahead of them being published.

So just how much PR should you be doing?  

Well, that depends on the size of your business, your budget, and of course the piece itself.  Regular pieces, in the right placements, with different stories including a more personal angle, can be a great way to regularly be featured.   Plan ahead and look what publications would work with different angles. 

If you need to get started to raise your profile in your industry, local press or even wider afield; we are happy to chat more about this so get in touch to tell us more about your story.

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