Your Guide to Recycling your Marketing Content

Learn how easy it is to reduce your workload, reuse what you already have and repurpose that content effortlessly.

Blog cover with recycling logo and phrase Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

We hate hearing the same old story over and over again, or maybe we have seen the same image far too much that we no longer pay attention.   Well, we are here to tell you to get wise this Recycle Week to reduce, reuse and recycle (or repurpose) your content.  Here’s how you can achieve this.


Who doesn’t want to reduce their workload? One easy win here is to use the same content on a different platform. 

Maybe you have a post that could make be two separate posts? Maybe even more.

Another easy way to reduce your workload is to think about how much you do.   As we move into the busy period, ask yourself if you need all those posts?  Do you need to fill every 10 slots of a carousel?   What else can you reduce?


Head to your blogs.   Can you refresh these?  Maybe a simple update in terms of stats, maybe with more information and to check all the information you have is correct. A lot can have changed since the blog was written and maybe a new product has been released which might be relevant to include and link out to more details.

Another trick to try with your blogs is to turn the key points into a carousel with a point per slide and a discussion topic on LinkedIn to reuse what you already have. 

RECYCLE (or repurpose)

Check for your top-performing posts, email, blogs and what do they have in common?  Maybe it’s your expert tips, myth-busting or those behind-the-scenes snippets.   Whatever was working, can be recycled, even upcycled with a fresh look and re-used. 

Why do you need to repurpose your content?

Firstly, it will save you time.  It also has the added benefit of using the same content and testing where that works best and also once you know what has performed well in terms of engagement, then you know to repeat this regularly just with a new spin, or a fresh new look. 

The key is not to overdo this or cross-post all the time as often your followers are channel hopping and will spot this and lose interest, so you have to keep it fresh. 

Need more ideas?  Drop us a message and we can audit your marketing to see where you can save time and make the most of your existing content.

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