REAL: What a Social Media Audit looks like

Let us explain who would benefit from a social media audit, what is included and how it works.

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Getting to spend even more time browsing beautiful images in the world of hairdressing is always a good way to spend time, so when Salon Business Magazine booked a social media audit with us, we couldn’t wait to get to work.

The first and very important thing to say about an audit is that it’s not all negative.  We tend to worry when we hear the word audit.  Think of it more as a Hype Boost – helping boost your social presence.

Who is a social media audit for?

  • Any business looking to review their social media activity
  • If your business social media content is not performing as you would like
  • If you want some guidance to improve your social media
  • See which platform features and techniques your feed could make the most of
  • When you need a fresh set of eyes and a new approach to your social media activity.

What do you include in the audit?

It all starts with understanding what your business objectives and values are and what you would like to achieve with your social.

Next, we take a look at the foundations of your account: your profile, bio and images.  Then we move to look at all the content to see what’s working, and what could work well with a few tweaks, reviewing the captions and different formats that work for your audience.

Our recommendation section of the audit takes into account your business objectives and values to give you clear suggestions to start working with straight away.   We also look at similar profiles to help make suggestions that you could test.

We also share hashtag suggestions, the best times to post and tools to make it easier to create your social content.  


Do I need to share our login details?  No, it’s good for us to review everything externally, as your audience would. 

How long does it take?  We aim to turn an audit around within a week from start to finish.

Which platforms should I review?  This is entirely up to you.   We can offer social media audits for Facebook, Instagram, Threads, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, Pinterest and TikTok.  We would suggest if you are active on multiple platforms that we review two or three platforms you prioritise.

What is the cost of a social media audit? They start at £200 per platform with the option to add a one-hour support call for an additional £50.   All prices exclude VAT.

What do you need from me?  Once you book your audit, we will issue an invoice to be paid first and we can issue some questions to help guide us initially to understand your company values and objectives.   Once the invoice is paid, and we have the information, we can make a start on your audit.

What do I actually get? We email you a full presentation complete with self-explanatory notes. There is the additional option to have a call if you want to talk it through.

What happens next after the audit?  First of all, you can opt to have a one-hour call to go through any points from the audit, ask questions and get any additional support you need.   We also offer bespoke training and social media management services if these work for your business.

Don’t just take our word for it, here is what our last audit client had to say about it:

“I didn’t know what to expect from the audit, however I now wish I had done it sooner. The world of social media is constantly evolving and what may have worked once, may not continue to work as algorithms change. I thought I was quite knowledgeable about social media but the audit completely opened my eyes and provided some really useful insights, taking into account the latest research and algorithms.

The first stage involved a conversation on what we wanted to achieve with our social media channels, which Emma guided us through with ease. The audit was then completed within a matter of days. 

We received a detailed and easy to understand document highlighting what was working what could be improved in the future and what needed prompt action. 

There was a lot of detail for each of the actions, including examples and comparisons with our competitors. It included both short and long-term actions, that were all very easy to understand. Emma was always available over the phone if any clarification was needed.

I couldn’t recommend the audit enough. Social media can feel very overwhelming but the audit made me feel motivated to start taking action in bite-sized stages. I wouldn’t hesitate to have another audit to see how our changes have impacted our goals.” – Joanne Charlton, Salon Business Magazine.

Need to boost your social media? Get in touch and book a social media audit to kick-start the new year.

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