Why it’s wise to outsource your marketing

Five benefits of outsourcing your marketing to get specialist help and resources to grow your business.

Who are we to argue with Peter Druker “Do what you do best, and outsource the rest”? We are here with a few factors, and benefits, to take the fear out of outsourcing to help your business flourish with a marketing agency.

Whether your initial thoughts to get some extra help have been driven by a lack of time to get everything done, or simply you are just not getting the results you want, bringing a marketing expert in could really help move everything forward. Outsourcing might be your first step to achieving this.

Typically, Hype clients have shared some of their reasons for outsourcing including that they don’t feel confident in what they write and how best to make the most of social media, influencers or even PR.  

So, what are your concerns?


As a marketeer with quite a few years under my belt, and a CIM Diploma to boot, I have experience working in-house and now as an outsourced agency.   With the ways we all work changing, we dedicate time each week to learning to stay ahead. So, from the latest social media feature to jump on, the best algorithms hacks and industry insights to try on those email newsletters, we do all this for you so you don’t have to.   

We also pool experience from what has worked well with different clients to share these and make the most of the next project.  A great example of this is influencer marketing campaigns. Our successes with Cult51 helped the Instant Effects speedy box campaign.

Here at Hype we also subscribe to a couple of industry-leading platforms to aid social media and PR.  This automatically gives our clients access too.  For example, Hootsuite scheduling has a nifty ‘Best Time To Post’ feature that works per channel per day to get the best reach.   

PR wise, again it’s about listening out for those opportunities and PR Call Outs. As well as the time in researching that publication’s story topics and angles to know what to pitch and when.  We get them all and sift out the one’s that best match your business values to improve your chances of being featured.

The increase in negativity, especially on social media, is a concern for many.  From a bad review or nasty comment on a post, we have experience in handling these professionally, and in fact, being outsourced can often help here. 


The biggest pressure on all of us with a small business is time.  Outsourcing can be the best time management decision you make. From the tasks you don’t enjoy, those that drain your time or simply the tasks you never find the time for.   Our experience means that we are naturally more efficient with our time here. 

Dedicated, consistent marketing helps build your brand presence.  Having a dedicated and consistent marketeer to make this happen is where we come in.  It’s the hidden time in preparation too that can completely drain your resources. Researching, monitoring competitors, creating graphics, taking imagery, blog writing … the list goes on.   

By moving this activity, your customers and key contacts will have faster response times to their queries and a better experience. 

What will you be doing with all that extra time you have just passed over?   We know, you can back to doing more of what you love.


Working with an agency allows you to pick the service level that meets your business needs, from different services to different levels.  A good example of this is social media. Picking the channels, the number of posts and engagement levels that are right for your business.  This can change over time as your business evolves. 

The alternative to outsourcing is obviously direct employment and this commitment may be too much. Employing the services of an agency may be the right path for your business at present.


Outsourcing is often considered more cost-effective than employing someone directly. This is true when you factor in the level of expertise that would be beyond the payroll budget.

Then there’s the cost of platforms and tools that are costly and are built into the agency.  These include the likes of social media scheduling, design packages, and PR databases.   Then there’s the ongoing training costs, courses, and time, to stay ahead with the changes too.   It all adds up.   


Being external we can often see things that you have not considered before. Thinking around a problem to find a solution to make the idea work for the campaign, customer, and your business processes.   This also helps see things from the eyes of the customer, their needs and the solutions. 

We bring the confidence to try something new. Creating a marketing strategy and plan that works for your business to set a direction and objectives to work towards. We can help identify opportunities for the future. Or if you are not ready just yet, we can focus on the here and now to bring you the results to grow. 

A little extra benefit of Hype is that we are not just here for one service.  We can help with other marketing services and bring everything together for maximum effect. Also sharing our little green book of contacts too for specialist skills like graphic design and web development.

Our Instagram recently shared the post ‘Small Business Big Heart’ and I believe this is true.  We want your business to do well. Whilst we might sit in an office somewhere else, we act as an extension of your business, with your interests at heart.

Want to chat to see if we could be a good fit for your business to expand and dedicate some resources to marketing?   Just get in touch, we would love to hear from you.