9 ways to easily update your website

We can neglect our website so we’ve got 9 easy ways to refresh and boost traffic to your site. 

do more with your website

We can neglect our website from time to time.  As Spring is upon us, we have put together these pointers to easily and quickly update your website today. Just think of it as a spring clean and make a start:

  1. Swap in some new images for an instant re-fresh.   Don’t forget to look at your banners too.
  2. Change, or add in more, CTA buttons. Updating your wording can really encourage them to click through.
  3. Check your services and products for any improvements you can make.  Are there any to remove or even to add some.   Again, it’s worth updating imagery, if possible, and consider lifestyle or User Generated Content (USG) to really bring your product to life.
  4. Review your general content, for example is your team page showing everyone? If you have any prices on show, are these right?
  5. Update your testimonials. Always great to have these on your site and great to use on your social feeds too!
  6. Make sure you check all your links are working because there is nothing more frustrating for a visitor. You might even identify some extra opportunities to link out as well as maybe where a link is, but it’s not showing in the usual format so it’s not obvious to the reader that there is an opportunity to read more.
  7. Test your forms to check they all work okay too! Is the destination email still the best one? Fancy testing our form and saying hi?
  8. Add a blog or two. Adding fresh content improves your search engine ranking and also can be used on your social media and emails linking back to your blogs.
  9. Update your site security and your plugins so that the site performs at its best.   This is really important and should really be done monthly. Log on to your admin area and have a look what’s needed to protect your site.

Our Website Maintenance package can take the pain out of some of these tasks and will automatically take care of them each month!   For example, the site security, plugins and testing your links and forms all work are just part of the monthly maintenance. This is great for peace of mind and manage those website updates automatically.   

We also offer help with Website Updates so you can call on us to update your products, write and load blogs and additional pages whenever you need them.  We understand that whilst you may be capable of updating the site yourself, it’s just the time to make it happen. That’s where we come in. Get in touch to let us know what you need updating and we can go from there.

If you’re not happy with your website and want to think about giving it a full overall, you might like our previous blog has plenty of tips here.

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