63 Awareness Days to try in 2022

Month by month, we have the awareness days you need to add some fun to your communications plan

2022 awareness dates

Awareness Days give you content for your communications plans, as well as helping increase your reach and can show a different side to your business – a more fun, creative and personal side to really draw in your audience. It’s not just for social media too. Plan ahead for promotions, gifting and PR opportunities in 2022. There are so many awareness days and so we’ve picked a few good one’s to get you started and shared a few ideas too.

However, a little word of caution as it’s worth being selective so as not to overuse them. Firstly, look at what is relevant for your business to help you share your passion. Consider the charity opportunities that work to engage with your wider community and finally dates that are maybe more personal. For example, coffee-related days are going to find their way into my calendar. Lastly, make use of key themes that work well such as green initiatives and poignant mental health days that are close to your reader’s hearts and extremely relatable.


  1. All month – Dry January and Veganuary of really popular and a great push but if you have a work pet try Walk Your Dog Month as a great way to introduce your mascot and obviously help get your step count up.
  2. 12th Kiss a Ginger Day – show your appreciation for those feisty red heads.  Send them a 😘 emoji on their social posts.
  3. 17th Blue Monday – people coming together for a cuppa, a chat and to banish the winter blues and did you know this Awareness Day is from the Samaritans.  Perfect for sharing anything blue in your world or maybe a more positive uplifting thought to brighten your follower’s day.
  4. 18th Winnie the Pooh day take advantage of the wisdom of Pooh and friends to share a quote.
  5. 25th Burns Night is onefor the Scots so maybe take advantage of a Scottish employee or client and make the most of their authentic accident, they could read a poem brilliantly.
  6. 26th Australia Day to celebrate the landings and a chance to decorate your office/shop, share some Tim Tams (or Penguin biscuits if you can’t find the genuine choccy biscuits) and maybe thank your Aussie clients.  


  1. LGBT History Month has a focus of “Politics in Art: The Arc is Long” this year.  So show your support with rainbow products and use resources from their site.
  2. 1st Chinese New Year is a week-long celebration bringing in the Year of the Tiger symbolising strength and bravery.
  3. 8-13th National Apprenticeship Week is a great chance to introduce any of your team that are either currently on the apprenticeship scheme or maybe a success story starting from
  4. 14th Valentine’s Day is to share the love even if you don’t have products for those loved-up.
  5. 15th Singles Awareness Day to balance with the day before.
  6. 17th Random Acts of Kindness for those little acts that can really make someones day. Hide something special at work, in your shop or location, or even out and about with a little note to say ‘just beacause.’ Morrisons has a local community scheme which leave treats out and about for people to discover.


  1. Marie Curie Month wear your daffodil with pride.
  2. 1st Shrove Tuesday better known as Pancake Day so a chance to show off your pancake flipping skills, or pancake hairstyles.
  3. 8th International Women’s Day with a theme of #BreakTheBias this year includes sharing a photo of yourself with a cross symbol.
  4. 11th Science Week and time to get your geek on and share lots of scientific information about how your products work.
  5. 17th St Patricks Day for those who love a Guiness and a good crack.
  6. 18th Global Recycling Day
  7. 18th Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day is a chance to put the fun into fundraising, the funnier the better to get your audience’s attention.
  8. 20th Spring Equinox the first day of Spring and a time to start changing colours for your feed for the new season.
  9. 20th International Day of Happiness
  10. 25th Wear a Hat Day.  Forget the fancy dress and share how many hats you wear so for example as a business owner.
  11. 27th Mothering Sunday is often a great opportunity for promotions to spoil your mums.


  1. Stress Awareness Month why not create a Challenge with tips for busting stress.
  2. 1st April Fool’s Day for those whol like to spring a suprise or good natured joke.
  3. 1st Walk to Work day share your journey to work speeded up.
  4. 22nd Earth Day to help encourage change to protect the enviroment. Hed to their website for resources to use and find out more.


  1. Local and Community History Month and if you have any old imagery showing how your business started, what the building used to be used for etc then share them, and maybe even in your local Facebook Groups as these always get great engagement.
  2. 3rd – 8th Skin Cancer Awareness Week for educational content.
  3. 4th Star Wars Day for Jedi-worthy quotes
  4. 12th National Limerick Day for a little silliness
  5. 13th World Cocktail Day is the perfect time to share your favourite tipple, and recipe.


  1. Pride Month sees plenty of support with rainbows.
  2. 5-11th National Gardening Week to share what’s growing with you, from the office plants to your homelife allotment.
  3. 8th World Oceans Day sharing the importance of our oceans and relate to any eco-products you offer.  
  4. 16th World Refill Day works well with the above.
  5. 19th Father’s Day for those Dad Jokes and promotions.
  6. 21st Summer Solstice brings about a change of messaging for all thing summery.
  7. 21st Bring your dog to work day has so many photo opportunities to introduce your pets, share what work you do in a typical day and we all know how much we are all a sucker for #dogsofinstagram


  1. Plastic Free July to share your no-plastic packaging ethos.
  2. 4th American Independence Day is a nod to our friends across the pond and if in any doubt there are plenty of memes from your favourite US sitcom that will work on social.
  3. 7th World Chocolate Day that’s photographing anything remotely with a chocolate hue.
  4. 17th World Emoji Day to share your favourite, your recently used, your wish list for more. Try speaking in only emoji – think #HouseofGames

AUGUST is quiet one, enjoy it.


  1. 1st National Yorkshire Day
  2. 13th Roald Dahl Day if you don’t want to dress up, opt for a quote from your favourite childs’ author to share some
  3. 21st International Day of Peace
  4. 24th McMillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning to run a code and cake event, or head to a local one in your lunch break.


  1. Black History Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month so you will see plenty of pink related promo’s.
  2. 1st International Coffee Day a must and a chance to offer a coffee meet up.
  3. 7th National Poetry Day
  4. 10th World Mental Health Day
  5. 14th National Baking Week -well who doesn’t love the Bake Off? Share your culinary creations and soggy bottoms.
  6. 23rd Wear it Pink Day in support of #BCAM
  7. 31st Halloween always fun to get your spook on!


  1. Movember – any guys on the team fancy growing a tash for charity and use social to share progress and raise more funds.
  2. 5th Bonfire Night
  3. 9th Social Media Kindness Day is relatively new and in tribute to the late Caroline Flack promoting greater kindness on social, so spread some love on your comments to show support and your appreciation.
  4. 13th World Kindness Day
  5. 24th Thanksgiving
  6. 25th – 28th Cyber Week starting with Black Friday and seems to start earlier and earlier with week-long sales to boost the festive buying.


  1. 1st Tree Dressing Day is a great excuse to show off your festive displays and creativity.
  2. 4th Small Business Saturday focussing on the independents and packed with assets to get in volved on their site. #SmallBizSatUK
  3. 9th  Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children just shout for a team photo!

One final tip for those of you looking at more dates, be sure to check the origin of the event for example if it is a UK event or for another country. Some events may even have a theme for the year which are really useful to tie into if you can.

Still not sure how to make use of Awareness Days? Get in touch and we will happily share some more ideas for your business.

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