Meet Emma

Find out how I started Hype back in 2003 and more about me, in and out of #hypelife.

Meet Emma Seldon

Hi I’m Emma. 

I started Hype back in 2003 from home and have supported different business to help their businesses grow.  

A professional marketer, with a Diploma of Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, plus a BA Honors in International Finance and Law (gosh that was a while ago!), my last in-house position was Marketing Director for a luxury hair brand.   With a wealth of experience working in different areas of marketing, I do love planning and seeing that plan come together.  But mostly, I love working helping and making a difference to our client’s businesses.  It is more than just being an out-sourced marketing consultant for me and being a part of their business, I just happen to work from my office and sometimes theirs.  

I am a mum of two girls, wife to a local lad and have lived in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire for most of my life now. When I close my MacBook and put my phone on silent (it is never off!), then you might find me running somewhat slowly, on my allotment trying very hard to make more things grow, and family time takeout and movie night.

Good coffee is a little obsession, so if you fancy meeting up, then let’s find a good coffee shop.

Just 10 Quick Fire Questions:

Dogs or cats? Dogs of course. Although we have a Bearded Dragon in the family instead. Takes some getting used to, but he’s full of character and keeps me company when working from home.

What do you like to listen to in the office? I listen to the radio most of the day and like to listen to lots of different types of music – just don’t ask me to sing!

Favourite holiday destination? Mallorca with the family. Dinner and Mojitos at the beach.

What is your favourite meal? Homemade Tartiflette shared with friends, maybe some salad with it.

What’s your poison? Mostly Coffee. Regularly Chocolate. Not enough Champagne.

Must watch TV recommendation. Gilmore Girls – a cult US series on Netflix that’s back with plenty of hype. I came across it on maternity leave with my first child and loved it. Nine series should keep you busy binging. I have a little Gilmore Girl’s shrine in the office too.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself. I studied abroad for a year, living in three different places: Clement-Ferrand, France; Leeuwarden in the Netherlands before spending six amazing months in Paris.

Would you rather get your hair or nails done? Ooh, that’s tough with clients in both hair and nails, but thinking logically it would have to be the hair appointment as it’s not a skill I have. I wouldn’t dare do a home-colour or try to cut my hair so I think it has to be my do!

What did you like about Lockdown life? More family time. Stopping at a set time for lunch all together and a lap of the village. A little different from a sandwich box at the desk and working through.

Weekends are for … Ideally for being with family and friends, in the garden subject to the weather, but honestly it’s working more on renovating my house, the allotment and activities with the girls. Friday night dinner are out downtime I really look forward to.

So if you fancy a chat, and I can learn about yourself and your business, then give me a call.

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