How to use your email marketing without selling

Your e-newsletters don’t always have to be about selling. Make the most of your emails with these three email strategies.

Alternative strategies for your email marketing

Your email marketing does not always have to be directly selling a product or service. Using it to communicate and share education, inspiration and general company information builds trust and authenticity so that they want to come back to buy. Simply creating regular non-sales email puts you in front of them and in their minds more. Make the most of your non-sales email marketing with the tips.

Firstly, be aware that the audience data in your email system is just as useful as your main CRM database and can show key demographic insights, allowing for data segmentation to ensure future newsletters are specifically targeted for better results. Learning more about your audience will ultimately lead to sales and increased performance, and we recommend MailChimp and Campaign Monitor for ease of use, great support and some handy insight features.

Here’s a few ways you can make more use of your next email campaign:


Your audience is perceptive so make good use of this.  Not only will they share what is important to them, but they will give you some thoughts you’ve not considered. These can lead to new developments, improved service and an improved relationship with them. All purely by asking for their opinion.

Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos has a great understanding of the value of their audience in building their business.

Customer Quote by Jeff Besoz

Your email subscribers will be a good mix of clients and prospects and so will be a fair balance in the results.


Working with CULT51 we like to use their loyal VIP group to regularly test new products.   This provided useful observations on everything from the packaging to the actual test results. This also provides content for future marketing materials like social media copy; giving more authority to our communications with real-life user testing.

This is how we broke down the emails:

  1. Invite the full VIP list with the opportunity, inviting them to take part and explaining what is involved.  This links to a short Google Form for sign-ups.
  2. Once confirmed, we email more information about the product and confirm the process needed
  3. At the end of the trial, we send an email with a final survey for the full product review and for the users to upload their final images, all via Google Docs.
Cult51 online survey feedback

Selecting your non-engaged audience with a short message to check their preferences and only keep those who actually reply.  Whilst this will initially drop your total subscriber numbers, you will have more active followers who open and click through to your emails.

You could also use this for your complete database, to capture more information such as their first name to personalise emails (which helps open rates!), update your GDPR and further links such as their Instagram handles, to then connect and advertise to them.

So, update your marketing plan to include regular non-sales email campaigns to gain much more from your loyal audience in the long term.   If you need help with your plans, or in creating your emails, please get in touch.

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