Avoid Rinse and Repeat Your Marketing Plan

Stop doing the same marketing plan year in, year out. Learn how to review, improve & evolve to grow your business.

Graphic shows each year Copy "When you marketing is the same every year"

It’s easy to become caught up in repeating the same old marketing every year. Rinse and repeat your Marketing Plan year after year. But is this working for you now and are you getting the results your business needs to grow?  Let us review your marketing plan and if the activities align with your business goals to make better choices on what to keep and what to drop.

For example, a client that took out a sponsorship every year ‘because that’s what they always do.’   They have paid for the same sponsorship for years, created by former management teams’ personal connections. Whilst they understood the sponsorship gave them an advertising platform, they did not know what benefits were included in the sponsorship package or the results it gave. This is often the case with advertising and sponsorships, that you retain the placement for fear of losing it.

Here are three steps to help you re-think each of your marketing activities before you rinse and repeat them again in your next marketing plan:


Time to audit your marketing.   Look at every aspect of your marketing spending and what results they bring.  Then see if they help you achieve your business objectives and more importantly, if they meet your client’s needs to attract new clients and keep your current clients coming back for more. 

For a fresh set of eyes on your marketing activities and analytics, we have a 360’ audit that will help evolve your marketing plans. 


Think about what you would like to improve.   This could be as simple and quick to implement as some social media training to get you and your team up to speed with the latest approaches to gain leads or drive sales.    Maybe you need to address your branding and messaging to drive action from your customers.

Start monitoring your analytics, especially those stats that align with your goals.    Read our previous blog on the Marketing Statistics you need to know here.


How your clients react to marketing has changed. Look at the driving mechanisms and potentially introduce new methods to be more effective and drive results.  

For example, is now the time to start email marketing?  Maybe to run an event or exhibit?  Have you got a story to tell that could get some amazing press coverage?

Here at Hype, we understand that you may need some help with time, resources and expertise.   We work closely with our clients to help them understand their marketing, the results they are achieving and the possibilities they can consider to market their business to grow. Get in touch to chat more about what marketing support your business needs.

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