Be Original

Letting your true self shine through, after a little research helps identify your USPs.

Be Original

Consumers are overloaded with options. We’re living in a cluttered environment where we’re feeling slightly overwhelmed with just how much choice is out there. So, it is important now more than ever to break through the clutter… but how?

The first step is the most important. And this is about what makes you…you. What is it that makes your company so unique against your competitors? A positioning analysis can be drawn up to analyse how your company’s current brand is perceived by the marketplace in comparison to competitors. This will identify your position in the market as well as identifying target market opportunities, which is KEY to breaking through the clutter!

Take a look at our ‘Do Your Research’ blog which states the importance of market research and suggests potential market research objectives. By carrying out this market research, you will identify your brand positioning, your unique selling point and learn ways in which your target audience can target more specifically.

Don’t forget your Online Value Proposition (OVP). This identifies what makes you unique in order to draw traffic to your webpage, social media and so on.

Once this has been identified, tell them visually! We are an ever more visually demanding bunch that are exposed to on average 7000 advertisements EVERY DAY.  Instagram users alone share an average of 95 million photos and videos per day.

So.. do your research, be loud about what makes you, you and be creative!!

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