Hype Membership

Supporting freelance hair stylists to take control of their PR to get featured in the press, grow their client list and get noticed by hair brands for more opportunities. PR in your hands.

Are you looking to get featured in trade magazines? You may want to be heard by the wider hair community to get recognised and noticed by hair brands.

PR agencies can be expensive and out of your budget as a freelance hairdresser. So why not take control of your own PR to raise your profile and get noticed. Hype Membership can help.

So who is Hype Membership?

Emma Seldon has been in marketing in the hair industry for over 20 years. Originally in-house as the Marketing Director for Great Lengths, before leaving and setting up Hype Marketing in 2013 to support hair and beauty brands with their marketing. Learn more about Emma, Hype and their clients here.

Handling the PR for hair brands, Emma works closely with the key trade titles in the industry for coverage for them and their stylists. Flick through some of the hair press coverage achieved here. For those seeking to work more closely with a brand, Emma knows from the inside what these brands are looking to give you the inside scoop.

There’s no other membership in the hair industry that focuses on PR alone and shares how to do it. Interested?

Who is this membership for?

Let’s ask you a few questions to get you started:

  1. Are you a freelance hairdresser in the UK?
  2. Do you read quotes by other stylists and wonder how they got featured not you?
  3. Are you fed up of seeing the same people featured in magazines, winning all the awards and getting all the attention from brands?
  4. Have you got something you want to say in our industry and want your voice to be heard?
  5. Do you want to work more closely with a brand? Maybe looking at education or ambassadorial roles?
  6. Are you not sure what to say, and how to say it, for a journalist?
  7. You’re great at social, but your work just isn’t getting shared?
  8. Not sure where to find the right information to get the right contact to get noticed and featured?
  9. Do you want to build your personal brand yourself?
  10. Do you want to get featured in your favourite magazine?
  11. How do you write an award winning entry?
  12. Are you excited to share your wins?

Is that a YES to these? Read on you are going to want to JOIN HYPE MEMBERSHIP.

We are OPEN to Founding Members

“Our hair industry is predominantly working as freelancers now. 

We appreciate that as an individual you would not be able to pay the price tag of a PR agency and so the idea of our membership is to support you to do your own PR.   

We want to show you how to get featured in the trade press. How to raise your personal profile to increase your client lists and your prices. As well as to get noticed by your favourite hair brands for other opportunities. 

If this is of interest, I want to invite you to become a Founding Member of Hype Membership.

You will have direct access to me as it is likely to be a small group of us to start with. You will help shape the future of the membership. I want your feedback and input so that you get the most out of the membership.

When you join as a founding member, you get a founding member pricing and when we open this to other stylists early next year, your price will stay locked down.

Are you interested in joining this exclusive community? Head to our Instagram Page to DM us. Don’t miss out!” – Emma

What is it all about?

As Founding Members, you will help shape the content to what you need. It’s your membership. Key areas include:

  • Raising Your Profile: Identifying your objectives, auditing your online profile and collating your media pack.
  • Our Industry: Get to know the opportunities and features to be noticed. Looking at paper, online, social, awards, events and more.
  • Journalists: How call-outs work, regular features, how to reply and be media pack ready; plus the right contacts you need to approach!
  • Calendars: Strategically planning ahead to be more creative with your communications.
  • Promotion: How to make the most of your coverage, award wins and brand partnerships.
  • Resources: The templates you need to speed up working on your PR.
  • Support: Access directly to Emma for expertise, Facebook Group community to support one another and share opportunities as they come in, weekly communal working link up to get tasks actioned, regular Q&A online sessions.

We will be packed with actionable tasks and accountability to keep you on track and support you every step of the way. PR in your hands. Get featured. Get noticed.

Still got questions? Please drop me a quick DM on Instagram and I can answer everything there.